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2007 Bluebonnet Webliography

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 11 months ago





Bloomin’ Bluebonnets


Texas Bluebonnet Award

2007 – 2008 Master List


 A Webliography 


created by


Debra Marshall, MLS

Coppell ISD


Karen Kessel, M.Ed



Mary Pruitt, MS

Denton ISD



Books and Websites:




Ballet of the Elephants


Schubert, Leda. 2006. Ballet of the Elephants. Illustrated by Robert Parker. New Milford, Connecticut: Brodie/Roaring Brook. 


In the early 1940s, John Ringling North, Igor Stravinsky, and George Balanchine collaborated to create an unusual circus act -- elephants in pink tutus partnering with beautiful ballerinas to perform the Circus Polka.


Leda Schubert


Includes a link to email the author



The Circus Polka

Global Performing Arts Database



Description of the 1942 Circus Polka, with photograph of a performance of the piece, and the program cover art, and links to associated items from the collection of the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum.


Program Notes


An explanation of the events leading to Stravisnsky’s commission to compose the polka music for the Ballet of the Elephants.


John Ringling North

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art


Articles, circus posters, and biographies present the history of this world-famous organization.


    George Balanchine


George Balanchine Foundation


Composer’s biography, including a videography, and list of ballets.


New York City Ballet



    Igor Stravinsky


Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids: Igor Stravinsky




The first website listed offers a short biography of the composer. The second site is a part of the DSO Listening Library where searchers can listen to excerpts of his music using RealAudio or Windows Media Player and read more about this composer's life and work.


Arts Alive: Igor Stravinsky


This site from the National Arts Centre provides a detailed biography on the life of this composer. Some interesting facts on both his personal life and his musical accomplishments are detailed.




Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Kids


Dedicated to young people who want to learn more about or simply love ballet, this Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre site includes trading cards, stories, ballet positions, "pointe partners" and other fun features.


Bureau of Labor Statistics: Dancer


At this site from the Bureau of Labor Statistics you can learn about what it takes to have a successful career as a dancer. This website organizes its general information into the following categories: "What these workers do," "What the job is like," "Jobs," "Preparing for the job," "The future," "Pay," "Similar jobs," and "Where to look for more information."




Animal Bytes: Elephants


Learn all about African and Asian elephants with this detailed webpage from the San Diego Zoo. This page includes photos, sound bytes, and a video.


National Geographic Creature Feature: Elephants


A multi-media National Geographic site with great information on African Elephants. A fun facts section, vivid pictures and audio and video clips. Send a postcard to a friend!


National Geographic: Cool Things About Elephants


National Geographic site invites users to learn some cool things about these huge creatures. Discover how elephants think for themselves, help each other and how scientists have learned that they have long memories. Contains a baby elephant picture album, a video as well as additional links.


World Almanac for Kids: Elephants


The elephant is the largest living land mammal. This and other basic facts and information will be useful for students doing research projects and papers.




Bella at Midnight


Stanley, Diane. 2006. Bella at Midnight. New York: HarperCollins.


Written in multiple voices, this Cinderella tale chronicles Bella’s magical quest to save her kingdom from war and warn her childhood friend, Prince Julian, of the threat against his life


Diane Stanley



Cinderella – The Fairy Tale




Sixteen versions of the well-known fairy tale from around the world. Some of the countries include: Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Serbia, Denmark, and Vietnam.


Bibliography: Versions of Cinderella from Around the World


A lengthy book bibliography of stories based upon the classic Cinderella fairy tale.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Unvarnished Versions


Think the story of Cinderella is a sweet bedtime story? Twelve online stories based on a 1914 translation which adhere closely to the original versions collected by the Brothers Grimm.


Cbeebies from BBC: StoryCircle


From British Broadcasting Company, this site features flash versions of familiar stories, nursery rhymes and fairy tales.


Cinderella - Lesson Plans

Around the World with Cinderella: a lesson plan by Patricia Holliday, NBCT


In this unit, students will read and discuss characteristics of fairy tales, recall elements of fiction, and create and present a multimedia presentation of what they have learned using Powerpoint. Activities include story mapping, brainstorming, writing, and reading several versions of Cinderella.


A Lesson on Comparing & Contrasting Using Cinderella


In this lesson, students will learn to compare and contrast 2 different versions of Cinderella. Either a Venn Diagram or a Double-Bubble Story Map could be used to present understanding of the story differences and similarities.



Fairy Tales from Life


Students work together in small groups to read, discuss, and analyze fairy tales. Lesson provides a guideline to help them write their own fairy tale as they analyze a literary style and follow a pattern.


Medieval Times and Knights


Susan's Medieval Days and Knights


Features plenty of links to information about life in The Middle Ages, knights, castles, and much more. The outline format of this site enables the viewer to easily locate the specific section they are searching for.


Knight Quest (ThinkQuest)



Start your adventure by clicking on the spinning sword. Experience the life of a knight! Find out about castles, weapons, how to become a knight, and, of course, dragons!


K-3 Learning Pages.com: Web Resources: Middle Ages



Discover the Middle Ages through this comprehensive site filled with web resources. Students and teachers will find lesson plans, art, projects, facts, research reports and more.


The Blue Ghost


Bauer, Marion Dane. 2005. The Blue Ghost. Illustrated by Suling Wang. New York: Random House.


While visiting her grandmother, Liz learns about her family’s history when she encounters a blue ghost and steps back in time to answer a call for help.


Marion Dane Bauer



Author’s website



Classroom guide



Interview with author about writing Blue Ghost



Author’s biography



Marion Dane Bauer teacher resource guide for some of her other novels.


Ghosts and Haunted Places


Ghost Research


Ghost photographs and fake or explainable ghost pictures.


Haunted Places


Includes links to places that are rumored to be haunted.


Hail’s Angels


Guardian angels paintings


Quote Garden


Quotes about grandmothers



ReadWriteThink .org


How to write your own scary story.




Chicken Boy

Dowell, Frances O’Roark. 2005. Chicken Boy. New York: Atheneum.


Tobin, usually a loner, becomes friends with Henry and gets involved helping Henry raise chickens, which allows Tobin an escape from his disconnected father, delinquent siblings, and a troublesome grandmother.


Frances O’Roark Dowell


Author homepage, frequently asked questions






Short biography



Blog by librarian with discussion about Chicken Bo


Chickens and Poultry


Backyard Chickens


Raise chickens, build chicken coops, hatch eggs.


Feathersite – The Poultry Page


An on-line zoological garden of domestic poultry, including photos, videos, and information about various breeds of fowl, such as chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peafowl, pigeons, and turkeys. Various wildfowl are also included.


A Flock of Your Own


Keeping Chickens; coops, chicks, eggs, supplies... everything you need to know to get started (without a panic attack) from the Farm at Morrison Corner.


Kids Farm – Chickens


Listen to chickens cheep and roosters crow.





Kid’s Health for Parents – Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem


This site contains articles, resources, and links to information about the importance of self-esteem, and how to help your child develop it.




Take a self-esteem test here.


Palo Alto Medical Foundation – Self Esteem


A site for tweens and teens to find out about negative self-esteem and how to improve their self-esteem.


Multigenerational Families


PBS – American Family: Multigenerational Families


PBS site with information about the growing number of multi-generational families today.





Links to quotes about all types of friendships



Double Identity


Haddix, Margaret Peterson. 2005. Double Identity. New York: Simon & Schuster.


Twelve-year-old Bethany’s parents suddenly leave her with an unknown aunt; then Bethany learns of a dead sister who looked exactly like Bethany. Now Bethany must discover the truth about herself.


Margaret Peterson Haddix




Read an excerpt from Double Identity



Quizzes based on several of Margaret Peterson Haddix’s other novels



What else do readers of Margaret Peterson Haddix read (great for reader’s advisory)


DNA, Genetics & Genomes




Tiki the Penguin explains DNA for kids.


TheTech.org: DNA Exhibit


DNA is the Instructional Manual for all life and is explained in this interactive site.


Mendel’s Genetics


Overview of the history of genetics, and the man “who got it right”, Gregor Mendel.


Marvelous Molecules at the New York Hall of Science (Your DNA and Your Traits): http://www.nyhallsci.org/marvelousmolecules/ma-traits.html

Click through 7 traits to compare yourself with the visitors to the site. Your sex, hair color, eye color and finger print pattern are among the traits that will be compared and matched with other people.


Probability of Inheritance:


The value of studying genetics is in understanding how we can predict the likelihood of inheriting particular traits. This can help plant and animal breeders in developing varieties that have more desirable qualities. It can also help people explain and predict patterns of inheritance in family lines. Further explanation about how this is done is included in this paper.


Human Genome Project


While this cloning fact sheet has an abundance of information, educators will find it useful when explaining the cloning process.



Educator materials for the Human Genome Project



Student guide to the Human Genome Project


Down Girl and Sit: On the Road


Nolan, Lucy. 2005. Down Girl and Sit: On the Road. Illustrated by Mike Reed. Tarrytown, New York: Marshall Cavendish.


Down Girl gives a dog’s-eye account of several outings – from generously providing her owner with a smelly fish to savoring the discomfort of her nemesis, Here Kitty Kitty, at the Vet’s office.


Down Girl & Sit


Collection of black & white illustrations from the book



PBS – Dogs


To learn more about the dog species, visit this PBS web site where you can see just how diverse dogs are.


Woof! It’s a Dog’s Life – PBS


Tips from a trainer are here to help you with your dog's behavior.


World Almanac for Kids


This site talks about the animals, including the different breeds of dogs, as well as how to distinguish between them, the care and training of family pets, including caring for a new puppy and training your dog, showing and judging dogs, the relationship between human beings and dogs, as well as different pictures and descriptions of dogs in art and literature.


Pet Education


Lots of information about the responsibility of owning a dog: acquiring a new dog, nutrition and care, grooming, training, and diseases.




ASPCA sponsored website—If you want to know more about how to care for dogs, visit this web page. Be sure to watch the cartoons on dog training and cleaning.


American Kennel Club


American Kennel Club homepage provides basic information for different breeds on general appearance, size, proportion, temperament, history, and more. There is a tab for Kids/Juniors that links to a special section of the site. Here find activity sheets, coloring pages, and specific information for junior handlers.




The Earth Dragon Awakes: the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906


Yep, Laurence. 2006. The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. New York: HarperCollins.


Henry, the son of a wealthy banker, and Chin, the son of the Chinese houseboy, describe the 1906 earthquake in alternating chapters. When a firestorm breaks out, both boys discover the true meaning of heroism.




Laurence Yep Internet School Library Media Center:


Laurence Yep


Includes links to biographical information and lesson plans for several of Yep’s books and themes


Reading Rockets


Video interview in eight segments, you’ll need Real Player to view the videos. Segments include Mr. Yep talking about being an outsider and his love for fantasy and science fiction, his experience becoming a published author, his relationship with his father, and sources of his inspiration as a writer. Meet Laurence Yep – Houghton Mifflin Books www.eduplace.com/kids/hmr/mtai/yep.html


1906 San Francisco Earthquake Library of Congress. America’s Story: San Francisco Earthquake, 1906. http://www.americaslibrary.gov/sh/disaster/sh_disaster_equake_1.html

This film, shot in a studio in New York City, appears to be newsreel (silent) footage from the earthquake site.





Museum of the City of San Francisco



All things related to the great quake, from list of dead, relief and recovery efforts, newspaper clippings, and a timeline make this the definitive historical account of the great earthquake. Viewers have an opportunity to submit their information about the quake to become a part of the historical story.


University of California. Calisphere: a world of primary sources and more.



In the center column of the home page, in the “Browse A-Z” section, click on 1906 earthquake. Results yield 394 individual black and white images of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, a website of the digital collection at UC Berkeley Library, and texts of 56 personal reminiscences and oral history transcripts.


Earthquakes Understanding Earthquakes



Take an Earthquake quiz, view a rotating Earth globe showing earthquakes of 5.5 magnitude or above over the last five years, read famous earthquake accounts by Mark Twain, Jack London and others, view the gradual buildup of tectonic stress leading to earthquakes, read a history of seismology to 1910, and link to other earthquake web sites.


USGS: Earthquake Center – Visual Glossary


This is a great site for students to visit when trying to understand the language and concepts of seismology. Each glossary term is accompanied with a visual and graphical explanation.


FEMA for Kids: Earthquakes


This is an outstanding website from FEMA on the basics of earthquakes. It includes short personal stories, game, scales, safety tips, legends and some basic vocabulary.


USGS: Earthquakes for Kids

Gigantic site that includes a great deal of information about earthquakes. You can learn up-to-date information on earthquakes, earthquake history, science fair project ideas, earthquake facts, and many more items.


National Geographic: Forces of Nature: Earthquakes


Interactive National Geographic site engages users by educating them on earthquakes and earthquake damage and then allows them to trigger their own earthquake. View case studies of actual earthquakes that occurred all over the world as well as trace their destructive path on an interactive map.


Earthquake Legends


Explanations from 19 different cultures around the globe about why earthquakes occur


USGS: Cool Earthquake Facts


Site provides cool earthquake facts such as the largest recorded earthquakes and the world's deadliest recorded earthquake. What's Shakin'? I


Introduction to Earthquakes


Brief, easy-to-follow slide-show type site that discusses the basics of earthquakes. Also explains how the seismograph works.


Iknowthat.com: Science Desk: Earthquakes


Interactive site takes users to shaky ground to uncover the science behind earthquakes. Flip the switch at the top of the page and go to an earthquake testing zone where you can see first hand the damage caused by these devastating events.


Exploring Earth


Never experienced an earthquake? Click on this site which shows recorded videos that capture activity before, during and after an earthquake that measured 6.8 magnitude in Seattle, WA.





Abbott, Tony. 2006. Firegirl. New York: Little, Brown.


When Jessica, horribly disfigured by a car fire, enters Tom Bender’s seventh grade classroom at St. Catherine’s school, she triggers a connection with Tom that changes his perception of himself and his friends.


Tony Abbott



Biography of the author


Additional Resources

Excerpt from the book http://www.hachettebookgroupusa.com/books/74/0316011711/chapter_excerpt23142.html


The Reading Tub- book reviews for children


Review of the book




The Burn Resource Center


Gives statistical information, as well as types of burn and scar and survivor links.


Easter Seals


Tips on making and meeting friends with disabilities.


The Burn Institute


Offers a burn and fire prevention section with curriculum guides, fact sheets, educational programs and information on wildfires.


WCCO Television


Articles like these are good informational pieces to pair with the story. This is a story of a community helping a family after a young boy is burned.


Shelby Mustang


Great photo of a classic Shelby and a history of this famous “muscle-car” of the 1960s.




George Crum and the Saratoga Chip


Taylor, Gaylia. 2006. George Crum and the Saratoga Chip. Illustrated by Frank Morrison. New York: Lee & Low.


Teased as a child, George Crum could turn feisty. When he became a chef, a fussy customer insisted her French fries weren’t crisp, so feisty George whipped up a new creation: the potato chip.


Gaylia Taylor



Frank Morrison



George Crum and the Saratoga Chip




Sample of the book



Teacher guide with discussion questions, vocabulary and projects


George Crum



Biography of George Crum from 19th Century Science Online


      The Potato Chip and other great Inventions


Enchanted Learning: Inventors


Learn about all types of food-related inventions.


Fact Monster


Accidental food inventions from the Popsicle to George Crum’s Potato Chip


Encyclopedia Britannica


List of great inventions of all kinds from Encyclopedia Britannica




Compare two of America’s favorite past-times: TV and the Potato Chip and learn about their inventors at the same time.




Complete history of the Potato Chip, or Crisps, as the British call them in this BBC article.


        Compare potato chip manufacturing today with the following websites:


Cape Cod Chips











The Ghost’s Grave


Kehret, Peg. 2005. The Ghost’s Grave. New York: Dutton.


Josh is spending the summer at his Aunt Ethel’s house. He encounters a peacock that may be his Aunt Florence and a ghost whose body is buried with a mysterious box of cash.


Peg Kehret




Information from the publisher



Quick and simple book talk


Ghost Hunting



Ghost Stories


MysteryNet’s Kids Mysteries


Mysteries and chillers for kids to read and solve


Halloween Web


Short scary stories and local legends




How to write your own scary story


Surfing the Net with Kids


This site offers links to ghost stories on the internet.




Halloween Mega-Site for Kids including scary tales, recipes, crafts, jokes, sing-a-longs. Get your students in the mood for a ghost story by logging on to this interactive site.


Idea Box


For a ghoulish treat, try Ghost in the Graveyard. The recipe is here.


       Grave Hunting


Travel Channel


This Travel Channel special highlights the top 10 famous graves to visit.




This celebrity grave hunter site has more than just tombstones of famous stars, a section on tombstone symbolism is available as well as articles on tombstone rubbings, tombstone cleaning, and telling tombstones apart.





The Greatest Skating Race: A World War II Story from the Netherlands


Borden, Louise. 2004. The Greatest Skating Race: A World War II Story from the Netherlands. Illustrated by Niki Daly. New York: Margaret McElderry.


In the winter of 1941, a ten-year old Dutch boy, Piet Janssen, tests his courage and ice skating skills by outsmarting German soldiers when he leads two children over the icy canals to Belgium.


Louise Borden


Author webpage



Excerpt from The Greatest Skating Race



An interview with the author



Comment on the book at this blog spot






Elfstedentocht, or Eleven Cities Tour, is explained in this wikipedia article.


The Holland Ring


The Race Site for Elfstedentocht explains all about this racing marathon likening it to running marathons held in the United States.




This site includes information, maps and pictures on the Elfstedentoct.


World War II


BBC: Children of World War II


Produced by the BBC, this website looks at the war through a child’s eye.


Kid’s view of World War II


Visitor’s to this site may click on links to topics such as fashion, toys and games, entertainment, the military, memorabilia, and recommended reading lists.


Wikipedia: Netherlands in World War II


A history of the Netherlands including an article about Anne Frank, the bombing of Rotterdam, and the Dutch resistance.


Speed Skating




A message board and chats about modern speedskating.


Winter Sports: Speed Skating


Learn about the different speed skating events during the Winter Olympics, the clothing worn by competitors, and the track skaters race on in this Flash presentation.


Fact Monster: Speed Skating


Learn the difference between the short-track and long-track speed skating competitions. This brief article provides information on both forms of speed skating, including historical information, a list of events, and links to articles on individual speed skaters: Eric Heiden, Bonnie Blair, and Dan Jansen.



Hubert Invents the Wheel


Montgomery, Claire and Monte. 2005. Hubert Invents the Wheel. Illustrated by Jeff Shelly. New York: Walker.


Go back five thousand years and meet Hubert, a boy with big dreams and a wild imagination. He’s constantly experimenting and inventing, while his father, Gorp, wants him to join the family hauling business.


Claire and Monte Montgomery


Don’t miss the eye-popping wheel photos taken around the world.





An encyclopedia article from Wikipedia on the wheel discusses how wheels operate and travel on surfaces, and gives information on the invention and use of the wheel in ancient times. Links are also provided for additional information.


ThinkQuest: Ancient Civilizations – The Invention of the Wheel




Scientists are uncertain who invented the wheel. Take a trip through time to learn what we do know about this simple machine.


Unicycles and Bikes




This site has information about clothes, equipment, helmets, maintenance and repair, manufacturers, painting a bike, saddles, wheels, and tires, and more.


The Unicycle Page


This site’s mission is dedicated to providing links to the best internet resources to learn more about the sport of unicycling.


Sumeria and Mesopotamia


Ancient Sumeria


Provides a history of Ancient Sumeria (Sumer) complete with illustrations of art and artifacts of the country.


Wikipedia – Sumeria


Another history of the ancient country


Ancient Mesopotamia


A lesson plan, complete with vocabulary and activities about this region which is now southeastern Iraq. This site was created by a 7th grade world history teacher.



The British Museum


Discover tales of astronomers, merchants, archaeologists, epic heroes and ruthless kings. Explore a palace, the library of an astronomer and even royal tombs.


Cyberlibrary - Mesopotamia


This site provides a great source of images of artifacts and structures of ancient Mesopotamia. Each image is accompanied by a short description.




Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo


Skye, Obert. 2005. Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. Salt Lake City, Utah: Shadow Mountain.


Leven Thumps, a boy with a power to change the future, begins a mission to save the dreams of humankind and the land of Foo from the evil Sabine.


Obert Skye


An interview with the author



An article about the best new fantasy books for children from the Christian Science Monitor.



A “biography” similar to the likes of Lemony Snicket of Obert Skye, a list of his books, and responses to the books from readers.


Leven Thumps Official Site


Interactive flash site with links to author biography and tour schedule, a contest, bibliography, and how to sign up to receive the monthly newsletter.



The Misadventures of Maude March


Couloumbis, Audrey. 2005. The Misadventures of Maude March. New York: Random House. 


Orphans Maude and Sallie head across the frontier to search for their uncle, and their rip-roaring exploits -- including horse theft, bank robbery, and murder -- begin to resemble the plots of the dime novels Sallie loves to read.


Audrey Couloumbis


Author’s homepage



Frequently asked questions



Author’s biography



Another biography



Maude March website interactive website, including horseshoe throwing, knot tying lessons, and history of the Wild West.



Directions for a signed bookplate by Audrey



Ms. Couloumbis gives suggestions on the writing process.


Wild West and the Frontier


The Frontier West


A straight-forward webpage of frontier west facts


Western Historical Manuscript Collection – Columbia


Letters, diaries, and other papers associated with exploration, the westward movement, overland travel, the gold rush, homesteading and settlement, and daily life on the frontier in the U.S.


PBS – Frontier House


This PBS site gives us a window into the day-to-day lives of settlers who actually lived on the American frontier. Their stories of adventure, endurance, humor, and determination are the basis of this ever-changing series of essays. Includes videos.


Laura Ingalls Wilder – Frontier Girl


Informative, easy-to-read site about Laura’s life and writings.


http://www.selah.wednet.edu/SOAR/Projects2000/PioneerWeb/ medicine.html

Find information on pioneer medicine, food and clothing.


ThinkQuest Pioneer Games, Toys and Songs


Learn about pioneer games, toys, and songs.


Walton Feed, Inc. – Old Timer’s Page


Use the index of links to information to find out what people ate and how they preserved their food.


American Western History Museum – Outlaws, Gunfighters, Lawmen


Click here for links to the colorful pieces of the American West – the gunfighters, lawmen and the outlaws still glamorized today in the movies.


Dime Novels


American Teasures of the Library of Congress: Dime Novels


In 1860 a publishing phenomenon appeared that would provide Americans with a wealth of popular adventure fiction. This Library of Congress site features images of their collection.




Outside and Inside Mummies


Markle, Sandra. 2005. Outside and Inside Mummies. New York: Walker.


Using new scientific methods, researchers are learning about mummies from the inside out. X-rays, CT scans, and computers help scientists solve the mysteries about people who lived and died in ancient times.


Sandra Markle


Short biography



Interview with author



Women in science interview with author




CHICO – Mummies of Ancient Egypt


Mummies of Ancient Egypt with topics titled “ What are mummies? “How mummies are made”, “Who are mummies”, and “What is the afterlife”. This site is a project of the Cultural Heritage Initiative for Commmunity Outreach at the University of Michigan School of Information.


Guardian’s Egypt – Mummies on the Web


Everything you've always wanted to know about ancient Egyptian mummies and afterlife, but were afraid to ask! Learn about the Egyptians perception of the afterlife, their mummies, the process of mummification, and even meet some of the actual mummies. There are many links to other mummy sites on the web.


King TutOne Com


Included on this website is a virtual mummy tour.


Mummy Quiz


Mummy quiz with answers and detailed explanations of myths associated with mummies.



Mummy Tombs


Website of Oetzi the Iceman and his exhibit


National Geographic


National Geographic site titled “How to Make a Mummy”.


Think Quest


Great thinkquest.org site with different types of mummies, word search, recipe from Hershey’s for a mummy, and other interesting activities.



Cyber Mummy


Unlock the secrets of a real mummy on this web page! Includes video.



Pompeii: Lost and Found



Osborne, Mary Pope. 2006. Pompeii: Lost and Found. Illustrated by Bonnie Christensen. New York: Knopf Books for Young Readers.


Osborne and Christensen ask readers to become archaeologists, imagining the eruption of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, 79 CE and interpreting the daily life of this very “modern” ancient Roman town.


Mary Pope Osborne


Website maintained by Mary Pope Osborne




Bonnie Christensen


Website maintained by Bonnie Christensen





Teacher’s Guide (Grades 1-7)



This site from Random House Children’s Books includes book annotation, links to author and illustrator information, interviews with Osborne and Christensen, a pre-reading activity, and integrated curriculum lesson plan ideas. A list of internet resources is also included.


Pompeii – The City


The Archeology Channel Video Guide – Pompeii Destroyed



Complete with a re-enactment of the horrible last moments of the citizens of Pompeii, this thirteen minute video describes the city and its people and what they were doing on that fateful day. The video is viewable either in Windows Media or on Real Player. Users select their bandwidth capability.


Unraveling Ancient Mysteries: Pompeii



Interactive site from Harcourt School, it includes animations of the eruption, a large number of pictures and lots of information about the town and the volcano to explore. A timeline of Vesuvius eruptions spans from 62 AD to today. The list of books to read for more information would be useful for a “readalikes” bibliography.



Viewing Pompeii Today: Visual Resources



A list of resources with pictures and movies of the ruins of Pompeii. Includes an amazing clickable map that includes panoramic images of areas from the city. It also has similar maps for the Forum bath complex and some images from the city of Rome.


EMuseum: Pompeii



This site is an article about the history of Pompeii and the Campania region of Italy from the EMuseum at Minnesota State University. It includes detailed descriptions of the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius, pictures, and maps of the excavation.


Smith College: Pompeian House




Site provides photographs of a model of an early home of Pompeii, and description of the living quarters consisting of a wide front entryway, an open-roofed central room with smaller rooms opening into it, and a garden at the rear.


Roman House



This is a guide to the Roman house or villa. Click on the various rooms of the Roman house to find out what they are and how they were used. The house used is based on one found in Pompeii.


Mount Vesuvius


Iknowthat.com: Science Desk: Volcanoes



This interactive, colorful kid-friendly site has the “look” of a desktop. Called the “Volcano Desk”, clickable areas take viewers to the anatomy and science of a volcanic eruption, types of volcanoes, and a cartoon-like movie on "The Story of Vesuvius" ideally understandable for elementary age students. There’s also a link to a similar desktop called the “Earthquake Desk”.


Mount Vesuvius Webcam



What does it look like right now? Click on the webcam and see!


Mount Vesuvius Online



An Italian site, it includes the webcam (above), and also a history of the volcano, how to get there, the Vesuvius Observatory and National Park, and many photographs of the volcano and the region.



The 79 AD Eruption of Vesuvius



Historical account that includes excerpts from Pliny the Younger’s eyewitness account of the eruption in 79 AD, and an animated illustration of the eruption and the plume of smoke, ash and lava as it covers Pompeii. This description is mostly based a paper by Scandone, Giacomelli and Gasparini, published in the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research (1993).


The 79AD Eruption of Vesuvius by Pliny the Younger (AD61-113)



English translation of the text of his letter to Tacitus, describing his eyewitness account of the eruption that destroyed Pompeii.


NOVA: Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius



This is the companion web site for the NOVA program, “Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius”, originally broadcast in 1998, which tells the story of the Roman city of Pompeii and the risk that Vesuvius presents today. Links include, “Can we predict eruptions?”, “Volcano SWAT Team”, “Planning for Disaster”, and “The World’s Deadliest Volcanoes”. A teacher’s guide, and resources section provide related classroom activities and an interactive area for students that explains the Volcanic Explosivity Index or VEI that classifies eruptions.




Roxie and the Hooligans


Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. 2006. Roxie and the Hooligans. New York: Ginee Seo/Atheneum.


"Don’t panic" is Roxie’s golden rule of survival. But, it’s not an easy task as she confronts playground bullies, is dumped with the garbage, and encounters a duo of murderous thieves.


Phyllis Reynolds Naylor


Interview clip and ordering information for the entire DVD/VHS.



Author biography and webcast of her speech at the National Book Festival, 2005.


KidsReads .com


Author biography.


James Madison University – PRN Teacher Resource File


Compiled resources for information on author Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. You'll find everything from biographies to a bibliography, literary criticism, lesson plans, and ERIC resources.


Kids Health for Kids: Dealing with Bullies


Bullying has been around for a long time, and there are ways to deal with the problem. Find out how to be brave with bullies by reading this article.


Kids Health: Dealing with Bullying


This article examines the reasons that kids can be bullies and provides assistance for those unsure of their options. The site also supplies links to related sites.


Time for Kids


Real kids deal with bullying in this article from Time For Kids magazine.






Kadohata, Cynthia. 2006. Weedflower. New York: Atheneum.


When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, the American government forces twelve-year-old Sumiko and her family to leave their California flower farm and live in a Japanese internment camp in Poston, Arizona.


Cynthia Kadohata




Author interview



Time for Kids interviews Cynthia Kadohata




Read an excerpt from the book.



Reading guide that includes pre-reading activity, discussion topics, research, and activities.


Japanese Internment Camps




From PBS, this look at children of Japanese internment camps includes the camps, historical documents, a timeline, and health issues.


Digital History


Photographs and stories of relocation to the interment camps.


History on the Net


Internment camp locations, life and activities.




Who Stole Halloween?


Freeman, Martha. 2005. Who Stole Halloween? New York: Holiday House.


While trying to solve a mystery involving missing cats, Alex reluctantly lets his friend Yasmeen talk him into allowing his cat Luau become a decoy to catch the culprit.


Martha Freeman


Author’s homepage, including her 10 top secrets (don’t tell her children!).







Animal Planet



Animal Planet’s The Definitive Guide to Cats: Why do cats always land on their feet after a fall? What allows a sleeping cat to comfortably curl into a circle?





Offers information about domestic cats including breed profiles, feline facts, health, nutrition, and more from a self-described cat lover.


Cat Fanciers



General information about cats and cat care.


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Cats! Wild to Mild



The traveling exhibition "Cats! Wild to Mild," sponsored by Friskies PetCare Company and the National Science Foundation combines information on cat mythology, biology, behavior, conservation, and responsible pet care.


Discovery Channel & Animal Planet present: Cats



This Discovery Channel website gives all sorts of information about cats as pets and cats in the wild.


TerrificCats .com



TerrificCats is a website you can find information on cat breeds, cat breeders, cat names and more.






Holidays on the Net – Halloween



Visit "Halloween On The Net" for some fun holiday things to do.


KiddyHouse.Com – Halloween



Are you looking for some hauntingly good Halloween activities? An animated black cat in a jack-o-lantern will peek at you as you enter this web site. Learn more about this holiday that is celebrated on the last weekend of October. Get detailed information on the origins of Halloween. Take a quiz to see how much you know about Halloween safety. Learn about the metric system with Halloween activities. Print out and color spooky pictures. You'll also find crafts, songs and poems, stories, and games.


The History Channel - Halloween



History Channel’s site for Halloween, including the origins of Halloween, spooky recipes and video clips.




The Year of the Dog


Lin, Grace. 2006. The Year of the Dog. New York: Little, Brown.


Grace is the only Taiwanese-American girl in her class until Melody arrives. She and Grace become friends throughout the “Year of the Dog,” as Grace grows into her cultural identity.


Grace Lin


Author’s homepage, including biography and downloadable essays. One essay is titled “Why I Wrote The Year of the Dog.”



Activities, lesson suggestions, and how to draw the same dog as Pacy



Video clip of Grace Lin on Today Show talking about Robert’s Snow



Interview with Grace Lin about The Year of the Dog



Author interview





Chinese Zodiac


China Today


All about the animals and dates that make up the Chinese Zodiac.



Straight forward website of information about the culture, and history of Taiwanese Americans from a forum sponsored by Thomson Gale.


Taiwanese-American Foundation



“The Taiwanese American Foundation is a non-profit organization which focuses on developing personal leadership in youth and building strong cultural and social ties within the Taiwanese-American community. TAF strives to empower youth to explore and develop a strong sense of self, compassion and understanding of others, excellent interpersonal skills, and leadership abilities that will impact their surroundings and environment in a meaningful and unique way.”


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