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2008 Bluebonnet Webliography

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2008-2009 Texas Bluebonnet Webliography





This Webliography was created by Karen Kessel, Mary Pruitt, and Debra Marshall

for the Bluebonnet Master List and presented at TCEA in February 2008.














One-Handed Catch


Auch, Mary Jane. 2006. One-Handed Catch. New York: Henry Holt and Company.


Sixth grader Norm’s future plans are built around being either a pitcher or an artist, but when he loses his hand helping his father by grinding meat for a customer, his hopes are shattered. Norm must find the strength to not give up on his dreams. 




M.J. Auch



Check out the author’s website. 





Major League Baseball




The official kids site of Major League Baseball.




PBS Baseball




PBS provides this site as a companion to the film, "Baseball." Enjoy "The Wisdom of Yogi Berra," vintage pictures of players, video clips, and more on America's pasttime.




BAM!  Body and Mind



The Center for Disease Control and Prevention provides baseball information on the kind of equipment you will need to get started, how to play it safe, some fun facts, and a quick tip guide to help you hit, throw, and catch the ball.





Baseball and Science



Site provides very interesting information about the science behind baseball. Learn about the history and some necessary tools that you need to be a super baseball player. Send players back in time and compute their statistics relevant to that time period.



The Why Files:  Science of Baseball


An interesting study of the science underlying baseball, containing links to pages which describe the effects of varying atmospheric conditions, as well as an explanation for why the curve ball curves.







KidsQuest:  Athletes with Disabilities


Can a kid in a wheelchair be an athlete? By completing this Web quest you will find out the answer to this question and hopefully be more knowledgable about folks with disabilities.




Americans with Disabilities


This site has individual stories and pictures of people personally affected by the implementation of the ADA of 1990. Good introduction to the law and what it was designed to accomplish.




Meeting Friends with Disabilities


This site from Easter Seals lists hints for children to consider when meeting someone with a disability. These hints are provided because it's easy to neglect the individuals feelings or be overly conscious of them upon interacting.




World War II


BBC Children of World War 2


Find out what it was like for children growing up during World War 2.  Animated; perfect for upper elementary students.





Kids view of World War 2 and the 1940’s era

The site includes letters, a timeline, memorabilia, a suggested reading list and more. 












Atherton: the House of Power



Carman, Patrick. 2007. Atherton: the House of Power. New York: Little, Brown and Company.  




Edgar lives in a place of three distinct worlds: The Highlands, Tabletop, and The Flatlands. He has a vague memory of a voice telling him that there is something hidden in the rock walls separating The Highlands of Atherton from Tabletop. When he finds the message, he knows that he may be the only one who can save Atherton from destruction.




Patrick Carmen


Author’s website






Need a great book talk??  Click here to show the trailer for the book!  Plus, there are news clips, book tour videos and more!






Teacher’s Guide


This 6 page teachers guide includes discussion questions and the following centers:  social studies, language arts, music and drama, science and art and visual.








The conservation fund





Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint







This site allows has information for students and lesson plans for teachers about trees.  http://www.inhs.uiuc.edu/chf/pub/tree_kit/




This site is interactive and has information about trees in English and Spanish.  A teacher’s guide is also available on the site.





This site provides a fun and challenging trivia quiz. Will test your knowledge of trees. Grades 4-8.  http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/caer/ce/eek/cool/treetriv.htm





This site gives an in-depth description of a rabbit, including its behavior, appearance, reproduction, and classification. The site includes photos and illustrations and an interactive quiz to test your understanding.






This site contains basic facts about rabbits along with numerous links to a host of topics related to rabbits. Behavior, care, and health, are just a few of the topics you can explore.










This site includes information about sheep as well as how to raise them, what they eat and other interesting facts.






Lesson Planet


Over 500 lesson plans including sheep topics are located at this site.








National Geographics site explores earthquakes.  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/eye/earthquakes/earthquakes.html




Embedded animations helps students learn about earthquakes on this site.






How to Make a Sling


Be like Isabel and Edgar and find out how to make your very own sling on this site. 















 The Middle of Somewhere



Cheaney, J. B. 2007. The Middle of Somewhere. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.  




Twelve-year-old Ronnie wants to see the world.  The opportunity for her and her brother to travel with their wind prospector grandfather in his camper comes when her mother is injured in a hilarious romp through the house chasing a squirrel. The fact that her grandfather doesn’t really want company and her brother is hyperactive just adds to the adventure.




J.B. Cheaney


Includes a “writing tip of the month” and an announcement of her book on the Texas Bluebonnet List!






Publisher’s site for the book, includes a link to a book talk.










Watch a video, order a free travel guide online, find out about things to do and places to visit on the official travel site of the state of Kansas. 






Kansas Kids


This site is student friendly with information about the state of Kansas as well as classroom aides. 








Travel and Transportation


First, click on the type of transportation you are interested in, then click on a museum that will provide some history for that mode: air, boats, trolleys, and railroads.






Scholastic: Global Trek


Around the world in 80 seconds! Create your own virtual travel journal as you explore the pyramids of Egypt, the fjords of Norway, the rain forests of Brazil, and the Great Wall of China. A fun and interactive way to discover the world!






Traveling USA


This site discussing the pros and cons of life on the road in an RV, gives food suggestions and places to stay.  An entire section is donated to RV travel.  What’s it like?






This site includes information on RV’s, a trip planner, RV community information and much more. 














         Tall Tales


Day, Karen. 2007. Tall Tales. New York: Wendy Lamb Books.  




      Sixth grade is the year Meg finally makes a friend after having to move time-after-time as her alcoholic father is constantly trying to make a fresh start. She is afraid to tell Grace her family secrets, so she makes up stories of a wished-for life. As the truth comes out, Meg discovers what friendship is about.




Karen Day


Author’s official website






Author’s Blog


Find out what’s going on with Karen Day on a regular basis and respond to her at her blog!










Book Talk


Use this quick book talk to get other’s excited about Tall Tales.






An Interview with Karen Day








Lying Quotes


Use these quotes related to lying to start discussion related to Tall Tales.






How to Detect Lies


This site include body language and other cues to help detect lying. 






Tall Tales      


American Folklore


This site is a complete listing of annotated tall tales.  Click on the title and read your favorite!






Tall Tales Lesson Plan


Is your class studying tall tales? This lesson plan is a great way to wrap up a unit with students creating their own tall tale, and presenting them to the class. Provides an assessment rubric, an extension idea, and a list of resources. (For many of the links you will need Adobe Acrobat to access them.)






John Henry


Use this site to inspire your students to write tall tales.  This site has eleven short summaries about John Henry written by students for students. Each summary has a picture with it.








Kids Health:  Kids and Alcohol


You've probably been warned of the dangers of alcohol before. You, no doubt, know that drinking alcohol, especially at such a young age, is not a good idea. Read on for some reasons not to drink, a description of alcoholism, and what to do if someone you know has a problem with alcohol.






Suitable for upper elementary and up, this is a thorough explanation of what alcohol does to the body and nervous system. Includes information about fetal alcohol syndrome and links to further information.













One Potato, Two Potato



DeFelice, Cynthia. 2006. One Potato, Two Potato.   Illustrated by Andrea U’Ren. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.



      Mr. and Mrs. O’Grady are so poor that they have had to share one coat, one blanket, and one potato each day, but they don’t mind.  When Mr. O’Grady is digging for potatoes and finds a pot with the magical power of doubling any object put into it, they have the chance to make big changes in their simple life.




Author Cynthia DeFelice’s website





Potato Experiment

Hunkin's Experiments is a group of simple cartoon illustrations of scientific principles. Some would work well in the classroom, but others have little value beyond entertaining students. All of the projects are easy to do. This one is a great example of phototropism in plants.




Irish Potato Famine


Students can learn about the Irish Potato Famine on this interactive site. 






The Potato Then and Now


Potatoes are a staple agricultural product of Prince Edward Island. This site describes the history of the potato, the Irish Potato Famine, how the potato came to P.E.I., the biology of the potato, farming techniques and challenges, and the potato industry. Throughout the site there are interesting fun potato facts. The resource section has curriculum connections and lesson plans for Grades 3-5 and Grade 9.






Science News for Kids


Potato farmers spend billions of dollars every year to fight blight - a disease that can wipe out potato crops. Now scientists have discovered a wild variety of potato that is immune to blight. See the advantages and possible disadvantages in growing these potato crops.






American Folklore


This site is a complete listing of annotated tall tales.  Click on the title and read your favorite!














Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars: Space Poems and Paintings


Florian, Douglas. 2007. Comets, Stars, the Moon, and Mars: Space Poems and Paintings. Orlando: Harcourt, Inc.   



      Verse, paintings and scientific facts bring the marvels of the Universe to life. The changing of Pluto’s status as a planet is included.





Douglas Florian







Author’s website



An interview with Douglas Florian





Douglas Florian:  Teacher Resource File






Reading is Fundamental



Meet Douglas Florian. 




Zoo Who



Douglas Florian reads from Zoo Who in this podcast. 




Poems and Rhymes for Children



Love Poems and Rhymes?  This site is a wonderful bibliography of poetry books for children. 




Scholastic: Journey into Space



"Science Explorations put authentic learning in students’ hands. The rich, interactive content, developed by Scholastic in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, supports curriculum standards and teaches skills like observation, finding and predicting patterns, classification, and inference." The site includes articles from Science World and Super Science magazine, interactive online activities, and a space library. The teacher's guide includes lesson plans and handouts to enhance the learning experience.




American Museum of Natural History:  Science Explorations – Space Resources



"Explore the Universe, from the Big Bang to our solar system. This special collection provides articles and activities related to astronomy, meteorites, the Earth, and the forces that make collisions happen."






Kids Astronomy


Use this site to learn about the different parts of the universe. Includes pictures and links to other relevant sites. Elements such as solar system, black holes, galaxies, and nebulas are explained clearly at a level appropriate for elementary school students.




The Space Shuttle


Students can see actual photos of a space shuttle launching from earth as well as the people who now could go because of technology. Learn about some of the equipment and vehicles used to make it happen.

















  Gabriel’s Horses




Hart, Alison. Gabriel’s Horses. 2007. Atlanta: Peachtree Publishers.



Though twelve-year-old Gabriel’s father is a free black man, his mother is a slave; thus he is also a slave.  His father trains thoroughbred race horses, and it is Gabriel’s desire to be a jockey some day. When his father joins the Union Army to earn money to buy his family’s freedom, it becomes Gabriel’s job to protect the horses from the new trainer and a band of Confederate raiders




Alison Hart




Hart’s webpage from the Children’s Book Guild.  Includes listing of her books and a link to Peachtree Publishing, the publisher of Gabriel’s Horses and the Racing to Freedom trilogy.




Horse Racing


Call to the Derby Post - History of Horse  Racing in Kentucky



A brief history, beginning in post-Revolutionary War times, including the impact of the railroad and influx if immigrants into Kentucky made on the sport.




The Virtual Library of Sport – Horse Racing



All things related to the sport can be found here.  Website links to history, jockeys, trainers, types of horse racing, both in the United States and around the world.




The Jockeys Room – How do I become a jockey?



Think you’ve got what it takes to be a world class jockey?  Find out in this informative article.




Northern Racing College – A day in the life of a jockey



Not for the faint of heart,  this article is designed to give potential jockeys the low-down about whether they can make the grade.










Website for the American Experience episode about one of the greatest race horses that ever lived. Hear vintage radio broadcasts of Seabiscuit’s races, find a timeline of his life, and a teacher’s guide.





African American Soldiers in the Civil War



Home of Heroes.com – Sergeant Carney’s Flag



William Carney was the first African American to be honored with the Medal of Freedom for his part as a Union soldier at the battle of Fort Wagner in 1863.  This historic account of the battle also includes information about African American Civil War soldiers.




54th Massachusetts Infantry





A history of the most well-known regiment of African American soldiers.




   Civil War



National Park Service – Gettysburg National Military Park Kid’s Page



Kids are invited to search this site to learn all about the causes of the war, life of the Civil War soldier, and the historic events that happened at Gettysburg.




Music of the War Between the States



Music was a large part of the war, here you’ll find song lyrics and hear the melodies of the songs dear to each side of the war effort.













 How To Steal a Dog


O’Connor, Barbara. 2007. How to Steal a Dog. New York: Francis Foster Books, Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


One secret that Georgina plans to keep from everyone, including her best friend, is that her father left; now she, her mother and her little brother, Toby, are homeless. When she sees a sign offering a $500.00 reward for a lost dog, she sees a way out of her troubles. Now she just has to steal a dog.



Barbara O’Connor




Official site – be sure and look in the “For Teachers” section for a book guide to How to Steal a Dog, and show your students the author’s blog.





Book synopsis, awards listing, book discussion guide, and reviews for How to Steal a Dog.



Animal Care



ASPCA’s Animaland




Interactive highly-graphical website designed to inform and educate kids about all types of animals.  Includes advice on pet care, anticruelty information, cartoons, activities, animal careers, and the ability to email a question and have it answered by an expert.






National Coalition for the Homeless



Facts and issues relating to the homeless in the United States, including why so many people are homeless. 




HUD – Homeless




Homeless assistance information, how to help the homeless, and other information from HUD.  A link on the page translates the information into Spanish for the Spanish reader.




Lost Pets



About.com: Dogs – Help, my dog is missing!



What to do if your dog gets lost, including a printer-friendly checklist.




Missing Pet Network – Finding a lost pet; where to start




Another great site with information on finding a lost pet.










       Just Grace



Harper, Charise Mericle. 2007. Just Grace. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.



There are four girls named Grace in the same third grade class. When Miss Lois asks Grace what she wants to be called, her reply is, “just Grace”--and the name stuck. Grace prides herself in empathizing with others, but her attempt at helping her neighbor feel better about her lost cat backfires.




Charise Mericle Harper




Author’s official website.






Animal Planet




Guide to lots of information about cats, including a cat guide, cat anatomy, life stages of the cat, cat proofing your home, and cat care 101.




National Geographic




The story of cats, inside and out.




World Almanac for Kids



From origin of the species to showing and judging show cats, this is the guide for all things cat.




National Geographic Video





Watch this video to learn why cats always land on their feet.


Animaland Pet Care Guide: Cats



Learn all about cats and how to properly care for them. This site also includes several cartoons demonstrating how to care for your cat.






Virtual Field Trip: Photography




Travel on a Virtual Field Trip to learn more about Photography. You will discover the history of photography, how to use a camera, the elements of composition and how photography relates to other subject areas.












 Marvelous Mattie: how Margaret E. Knight became an inventor




McCully, Emily Arnold. 2006.  Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.


Inventor, Margaret Knight, was not the usual 19th century young woman. Her first inventions were for her brothers, and at age twelve she invented a shuttle-guard that prevented many mill injuries. She became part of history when a man stole her invention for making square bottomed paper bags, and she had to go to court to prove herself as the inventor to obtain the patent..




Emily Arnold McCully




Author profile from kidsread.com.






Internet School Library Media Center Teacher Resource file page for McCully. Includes lesson plans for many of her books, and other websites of note.




Margaret E. Knight


Cal Poly Pomona




Provides a brief history of Knight’s life and inventions, includes a detailed diagram of her paper bag folding machine, and lists additional websites about the inventor.








Brief biography of Knight, and listing of all her inventions and the date they received their patent.




Women Inventors

Cal Poly Pomona




List of women inventors included in the university’s website. Each listing is a link to that person’s webpage giving a brief biography of the person, as well as a detailed drawing and description of their invention.








Want to know who invented such items as the bra, disposable diaper, Kevlar, or even Nystatin, the world’s first useful antifungal medicine?  Then take a look at this exhaustive collection of websites, and the alphabetical listing with links to women inventors.  There’s also a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the Mothers of Invention.




Paper Sack Industry





Read a brief history of the paper sack.






In case you didn’t know there are different types of paper sacks, read all about them at this informative webpage.











 The Thing About Georgie


Graff, Lisa. 2006. The Thing About Georgie. New York: Laura Geringer Books.



Georgie is a Little Person and for the most part, he is happy with his life. However, finding out he is about to become a brother, dealing with Jeanie the Meanie, and having a major fight with his best friend all converge during his fourth-grade year. Georgie has to learn that growing up is not a height issue.




Lisa Graff




Includes a link to the author’s blog, questions and answer section, biography, and link to her books.




Little People of America




Information of dwarfs and dwarfism.




Symphony Orchestra


Dallas Symphony Orchestra: I am a Musician



Click on instruments in the orchestra to find out information about the members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This is part of a larger website sponsored by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra to open the world of music to students.




ThinkQuest: The Symphony, An Interactive Guide



Listen to symphonies in live performances, then read about their history and use a Listener’s Guide to learn more about the music.  Detailed biographies of composers are included, as well as, a timeline of important events, and take a crash course in symphonic form.




Dallas Symphony Orchestra: Kids



This interactive site offers students resource for learning about composers, their works, the logistics of orchestra seating, the functions of different instruments, and the like.  At this link, you may enter either the student side or the teacher’s side.




ThinkQuest:  Energy is in the Air, Sounds from the Orchestra



Click on an instrument section to learn and hear more about that instrument and what it’s sound contributes to the entire symphony.  The Sound section explains sound waves and how instruments use energy to create their unique sound.  Be sure and take the quiz at the end of the sections.



Human Body

Life cycles


A lesson plan for K-5, the student objectives are to define the terms "genes" and "heredity"; identify learned and inherited behaviors; and describe and compare family traits and characteristics.



Italy and speaking Italian


Travel for Kids: Italy



Learn all about this country, where to visit, and even great books you can read with either an Italian setting, or character who is Italian.



Internet Public Library KidSpace – Say Hello in Italian



Learn words in English from the Italian language, and sites to see in Italy.












Toys Go Out: Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable stingray,


a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic



Jenkins, Emily. 2006. Toys Go Out: Being the Adventures of a Knowledgeable stingray, a Toughy Little Buffalo, and Someone Called Plastic. Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. New York: Schwartz & Wade Books.



Told in six episodic adventures, Lumpy, Stingray, and Plastic, three best friends who are toys belonging to the Little Girl, discover the dangers and adventures of life in these funny and endearing tales.




Emily Jenkins




Official author’s site.






Webpage for Toys go out, including reviews, link to frequently asked questions, teacher resources.




Paul O. Zelinsky



Official author/illustrator’s site. Includes a link to Toys go out.




School Library Journal


Books Kids Will Sit Still For



This article from School Library Journal's Curriculum Connections suggests writing exercises on point of view and dramatic play ideas. Toys Go Out is #2.






Columbus Zoo:  American Bison



Brief introduction to this animal. Click on “More Information” link to get more facts.




National Geographic: American Bison



This page from National Geographic provides an image, fact sheet and profile on the American Bison.




PBS - American Buffalo; Spirit of a Nation



Website of the PBS special that includes a teacher’s guide, links to buffalo websites & the history that brought this animal to near extinction.



Nobelprize.org – Plastics



Read about how plastic was discovered and the part it plays in everyday life. Play the Heating Plastics game.




Scope: Plastics




Plastic it's everywhere! Join Dr. Rob as he explores our world of plastic. See video clips and even make your own slim.





Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab: Making Homemade Plastic



In 5 simple steps, anyone can make a small batch of homemade plastic. This website not only explains why milk and vinegar, when mixed, create plastic, but also provides a brief lesson about plastic in general, which includes chemical and historical facts.






Columbus Zoo: Stingrays




Zoo site features the Southern Stingray. Provides a brief description, fun facts, photos and more.




Knowledge Archives



Click on the name of the marine animal to find a fact page.  You’ll find many types of stingrays listed including cowtail stingray, black stingray, & more.













What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, & Pajamas

Lauber, Patricia. 2006. What You Never Knew About Beds, Bedrooms, and Pajamas. Illustrated by John Manders. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.





From The Stone Age to Modern Times the development of all that has to do with sleeping is related in an entertaining, but factual manner. No one will be able to get ready for bed in the same way again, and it might be difficult getting to sleep just thinking about beds, bedrooms, and pajamas.




Patricia Lauber



Includes a link to email the author






Internet School Library Media Center Teacher Resource file page for Lauber. Includes lesson plans for many of her books, and other websites of note.




Historic Furniture - Beds


The Getty Museum




Explore historic furniture, including beds, collected by the museum, and read about the history of the pieces. 




Cal Poly Pomona – Women Inventors




Sarah E. Goode, born into slavery, was the first African American woman to be granted a patent by the U.S. Patent and Tradesmark Office for her invention, the cabinet bed.  The site includes detailed designs for her bed.








Another website about Sarah E. Goode and her patented cabinet bed.




The Bed in History



Traces the evolution of the bed from the stone age to the 1990s.





Wikipedia’s History of Pajamas



Includes cusoms, design, fabric, and how pajamas have evolved.












The Winner’s Walk





Patterson, Nancy Ruth. 2006. The Winner’s Walk. New York: Farrar Straus Giroux. Illustrated by Thomas Yezerski. 





      Everyone in Case’s family has a special talent, and nine-year-old Case is determined to find his. Things are beginning to look bleak as plan after plan fails—until he finds a lost dog he names Noah. Since Noah has special abilities, he and Case find success in dog agility contests. However, Case soon discovers something else about Noah that leads him to find a special talent for caring.




Author information







Blogspot with Patterson—





Service Dogs


Info on Paws with a Cause—comprehensive site for information on this non-profit organization





Paws with a Cause homepage—has drop down menu to other links





Partners with Paws, changing lives one paw at a time—





Service dogs—site briefly describes various "types" of services dogs and listed resources (books, organizations) for each





Service Dogs page with educational information on service (assistance) dogs, general dog links—





Service dog Wikipedia definition and article—























Lawn Boy





Paulsen, Gary. 2007. Lawn Boy. New York: Wendy Lamb Books.  




      On his twelfth birthday he is broke and bored, and his grandmother gives him an old riding lawnmower.  Before long he’s working everyday making $20.00 a lawn and he becomes The Lawn Boy. Then, Arnold the stockbroker comes into his life. The next thing he knows he’s got a crew working for him, he’s rich and one of his investments is the contract of prizefighter, Joey Pow. No more boring summer.





Garu Paulsen


Features Gary Paulsen biographical information, interviews, list of current titles, and special information for teachers






Biography, bibliography, lesson plans and criticism on this page








A definition of entrepreneurship





Entrepreneurship Wikipedia definition and article







The history of prizefighting





Lawn Mowers and Lawn Care


Lawn mower buying guide





Photos of lawn mowers





Tips For Achieving A Great Looking Lawn, Without Being Fake Grass





Stock Market


Up to date info on today’s stock market and economy





Stock Market Gamehttp://smgww.org/

The Stock Market Game™ (SMG) gives students the chance to invest a hypothetical $100,000 in an on-line portfolio. They think they're playing a game. You know they're learning economic and financial concepts they'll use for the rest of their lives.  There is a registration process and depending on Title 1 status charges may apply.  Recommended for grades 4 up. 














Brian Selznick


Author biography






A video interview with Brian Selznick





The Invention of Hugo Cabret


Book’s official website






A thorough, extended video interview with Brian Selznick on Adlit.org about everything from his childhood to the creation of The Invention of Hugo Cabret. You'll also be able to find the transcripts of the video interview as well as a short biography





Cool video





DRAWN!! The Illustrating and Drawing Blog

Read other readers’ comments on Selznick’s 2008 Caldecott Medal book





An amazing Spanish language website about Hugo


Even if you don't speak Spanish you should check it out because there are some illustrated sequences from the book that you can watch which have been set to music, and you can download some high quality jpegs of a few drawings from the book.





Fantastic Scholastic website which includes games, teaching guides, and build your own automata









This site introduces you to the world of Automata and is packed with information to help you make your own working models from wood, card and metal





Lots of links to automata






A rock group called The Smashing Pumpkins made a music video a few years ago which was based on the movies of Georges Méliès.



















Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon




Thimmesh, Catherine. 2006. Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.  




      Everyone knows about the job of the astronauts in the space program, but most don’t realize the thousands of people it takes behind the scenes to have a successful mission. With photos from NASA and quotes from those involved in Team Moon, everyone is given their due as the Apollo 11 spacecraft takes off on its history-making moon landing.




Catherine Thimmesh


Author’s official website





Author biography




Apollo 11

Apollo 11 home page





Audio/video of Apollo mission





Apollo 11 image gallery





The History Place website including audio, timeline, and photos















This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness




Sidman, Joyce. 2007. This is Just to Say: Poems of Apology and Forgiveness. Illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski. Boston:  Houghton Mifflin.





      The assignment for this fictionalized class is to write poems of apology. It’s a hit. The students ask the recipients of the apologies to reply, and the class puts them together in a book. Through a wide variety of poetry the emotion involved in “I’m sorry” and “you’re forgiven” is presented.




Joyce Sidman


Author’s official website





Poem Starters


The author’s suggestions and ideas for beginning writers. 





This is Just to Say Teacher’s Guide


Suggestions for 4-8 grade classes




On Apologies and Forgiveness


International Online Training Program On Intractable Conflict





An essay discussing the meaning of the words Apology and Forgiveness http://www.jagular.com/apology.shtml




A knowledge-based essay




















Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom





Tingle, Tim. 2006. Crossing Bok Chitto: A Choctaw Tale of Friendship and Freedom. Illustrated by Jeanne Rorex Bridges. El Paso: Cinco Puntos Press.





      On one side of Bok Chitto is the plantation and on the other the Choctaws. If a slave could get across the river to the Choctaw tribe, there was freedom. With the aide of a Choctaw secret and a bit of magic, Little Mo’s family is able to escape to freedom in this oral tradition tale from both the Choctaw and African-American traditions.




Tim Tingle


Author’s official website





Author biography





Crossing Bok Chitto book guide from Cinco Puntos Publishers





Chowtaw Indians


Choctaw Indian tribe website which includes myths, language, and media sources





Many websites for history, arts and crafts, and other resources on the Choctaw nation





Choctaw culture





Choctaw site which includes short video of music and dance





Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma traditional dress












Way Down Deep





White, Ruth. 2007. Way Down Deep. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux.  




      The town Way Down Deep is full of delightful characters; among them, Ruby a toddler found by the townspeople in the summer of 1944. Ruby lives with Miss Arbutus, the owner of the boarding house, but is raised by the entire town. She loves her life but has always wondered about her history. When she is twelve, a new family that has clues to her past moves to Way Down Deep. The discoveries lead to even more questions for Ruby who has decisions to make about the rest of her life.




Ruth White


Author biography






Interview with author in 1995






Biography by Scholastic






Way Down Deep


Book discussion guide






Reading guide






Back in the day




What is a boarding house?






411 on 1944






Overview of the Appalachian Mountains




































































































































































































































































The Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures



Selznick, Brian. 2007. The Invention of Hugo Cabret: A Novel in Words and Pictures. New York: Scholastic Press. 



In this first of a kind book that is novel, picture book, graphic novel, and even film, the reader is introduced to Hugo, the orphaned son of a clockmaker in 1931 Paris. Hugo has managed to keep the secret of his father’s death by continuing the job of winding the huge clocks at the Paris train station each day. When his job is done, he works on the secret his father left him. Hugo becomes involved with a book-loving girl and an angry old man; thus, the fast paced mystery begins. 




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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