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Working With Destiny

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Using Follett's Destiny circulation / catalog system allows you some opportunities to create unique home pages. Here are some resources to help you add photos, images, and text to your Destiny homepage.


Please be sure to remember that this example was created for a specific school district. When I have referred to saving files to First Class, this is the email system that is currently used by the district in the example. In order for your school's Destiny program to locate the files which contain the graphics being used, you will want to use a local server which allows Destiny to search those files (such as your email system, a server which provides access to files on your campus, in your district, etc.) If you have specific questions about where to save your graphics, photos, or images for Destiny, please consult your local network administrator to determine what area within your system allows for Destiny to search for those image files.




Inserting a Picture_Destiny.doc


Useful HTML Tags.doc


Home Page_Destiny.ppt

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